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The Importance of Regular Eye Checks

Regular eye examinations can prevent sight loss. They are essential both for the eyes and for general health and should be part of our routine health care. Various eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataract, do not show symptoms until an advanced stage and it is during an eye examination that these silent but sight-threatening diseases can be identified. In addition, an eye examination can uncover the presence of systemic conditions that can affect someone's overall health such as diabetes and hypertension.

Good eyesight in children is vital for learning. They should be tested regularly as they can have difficulty determining and verbalising problems with their vision.


Adults should also keep their prescription current and check for early signs of eye disease. Besides the fact that poor eyesight can be dangerous, achieving and maintaining good vision enhances the patient's quality of life significantly and helps alleviate symptoms such as tiredness, headaches and lack of concentration.

Our patients have an initial preparatory assessment performed by a qualified optometrist that includes a refraction and a prescription of spectacles or contact lenses. Our specialist ophthalmic surgeon then carries out a detailed clinical examination and orders ancillary tests as appropriate.

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